The Episode starts with Tanu telling Dadi that Pragya is inside the bathroom. Dadi says Abhi is inside the bathroom and says I have spoken to him few mins back. Tanu says lets go and check who is inside. Dadi knocks on the bathroom’s door and asks Abhi, if he is still bathing. Abhi says yes. Tanu then asks Pragya if she is still inside. Abhi says it seems Dadi went and she came, asks Pragya to say yes.

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Dadi that Pragya is inside the bathroom. Dadi says Abhi is inside the bathroom and says I have spoken to him few mins back. Tanu says lets go and check who is inside. Dadi knocks on the bathroom’s door and asks Abhi, if he is still bathing. Abhi says yes. Tanu then asks Pragya if she is still inside. Abhi says it seems Dadi went and she came, asks Pragya to say yes. Pragya says she is inside. Tanu says you both are together and gets angry. She asks them to come out. Abhi and Pragya come out from bathroom. Tanu sees Abhi in bathrobe and gets angry. She asks Dadi if these things happen in her house. Dadi smiles and asks Abhi what they were doing inside? Abhi says you are asking me Dadi, when you had sent her. Dadi says I sent her to get spray. Abhi says she fell in the bathroom and I have saved her. Dadi asks how??? Abhi makes her fall and catches her. He demonstrates and shows the romantic pose. Dadi says okay, Raj Kapoor and Nargis pose. Tanu fumes on him and says shame on you….She cries and says I came here to show the sherwani, and you have spoiled my mood. Dadi asks if marriage is cancelled. Tanu says no, and asks him to come down wearing the sherwani. She says shame on you Abhi. Abhi says I am so sorry Dadi. Dadi says I am angry, turns and smiles. Abhi says Dadi. Pragya looks on.
Tanu goes downstairs. Designer asks if Abhi tried sherwani. Tanu says he is busy trying sherwani and asks him to go and meet him in bathroom. Aaliya asks why she is talking like this? Tanu says my mood is off as Pragya was in Abhi’s bathroom with him. Aaliya is shocked. Tanu says even I was shocked. She says they were fooling us, and I think Dadi is with us and smiling. Aaliya asks Tanu to come and see how she slaps Pragya verbally. She goes to Pragya and says you have reached his bathroom now, unbelievable….she says Sarla aunty talked much about her values and asks if she stopped giving you values teachings or you stopped listening to her. She says don’t you have shame to be in bathroom with a stranger.
Pragya says he is my husband and I would have been ashamed if I was with a stranger. Aaliya says you used to say that Tanu is cheap, but you are cheap. She says reality is that they are going to get married. Pragya says she needs haldi to be put on her wounds, and says after six days, she will be ruined. Aaliya asks what you will do? Pragya says I will be with you. Tanu says my mummy is coming here for marriage. Pragya guarantees that nobody can get her married. She says you will wear bridal dress, but sindoor and mangalsutra will not be yours…..Tanu and Aaliya get angry.
Dadi tells Dasi that they have come out of bathroom and I thought to do their aarti. Dasi listens carefully. Dadi says Tanu was shocked like a naagin and went out. Purab also smiles hearing this. Dasi says you would have called me there. Dadi says your foot was paining naa. Dasi says my foot pain would have gone seeing that and clicked the pic, and laugh daily seeing Tanu’s pic. Purab says Tanu will wear bridal dress, but will not marry. Tanu asks Aaliya, why you didn’t tell her anything. Aaliya says her feathers will be cut when you marry Abhi. Abhi comes wearing sherwani. Tanu says I am angry with him. Aaliya asks her to take out her anger on Abhi after marriage. She tells Abhi that this is the best dress which you have. Tanu says yes…and says my anger is gone seeing this. Aaliya says you both will look most happening couple of the country. Pragya looks at him from far.
Abhi sees Pragya standing and signs her. Pragya says it is not good. Abhi tells Aaliya that he haven’t liked it. Aaliya asks what is the problem, as you had liked it before. Abhi says problem is with the fitting. Aaliya asks designer to check the fitting. Designer checks fitting. Pragya nods no..to Abhi. Aaliya says this is the perfect costume for the wedding. Abhi says I don’t like the color. Aaliya says I don’t have sense about Indian dresses, but this suits you. Abhi says he don’t like fabric. Tanu says this is best fabric. Aaliya says it is an Italian and asks where is the problem? Abhi says it would have been okay if it was pizza. Pragya signs him something. Abhi asks her to come and say what is the problem. Tanu and Aaliya see Pragya standing far. Pragya hides. Abhi calls fuggi.
Pragya comes there and says actually there is no special thing in this sherwani. Abhi asks what? Pragya says when you are going to be married, all girls shall think to marry you. She says I am not giving you advice as your friend, but as a bride. She says if I was to marry you, then we would not have looked good if you had worn this sherwani. Tanu says you are not marrying him. Abhi says she is giving example. He asks about her like of sherwani. Pragya says you have that sherwani and goes to bring it. She checks his wardrobe and sees his marriage sherwani. She says that day you had married me, but I didn’t become your wife. She thinks may be you will remember our marriage wearing this. She recalls their marriage and grah pravesh.
Dadi comes to Pragya and asks who came downstairs. She sees sherwani and gets happy. She says he was looking good in this sherwani and hopes to see them married again. Pragya says you will see us becoming husband and wife again. She says I am taking this sherwani so that he can get back his memory. Dadi asks her to make him wear that and says may be he will get back his memory and bless her. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to come to her. Abhi says you have come…and gets up from a quick nap. Pragya says I will never refuse for marriage if you wear this sherwani. Abhi asks what is so special about this sherwani that you like it so much. Pragya looks on smiling. Tanu and Aaliya are upset.
The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi to try their marriage sherwani for his marriage, and says if he wears this then she will not refuse for marriage. Tanu gets jealous and angry. Aaliya tells her that Pragya will be more jealous when Abhi will marry you wearing same sherwani. They get happy. Abhi says I will wear this sherwani only. Pragya says there are some good memories attached with it. Dadi is happy and thinks Abhi will get back his memory soon. Aaliya and Tanu taunt Pragya. Tanu says she is trying to make him get back his memory. Aaliya says what will happen if he marries Tanu in that same sherwani after 6 days. She says you are making futile effort to hang flowers on cement wall. Abhi wears the sherwani and thinks why did Pragya said that I have some memories with it. He thinks if
I had worn this before and tries to recollect. Pragya thinks to make him remember everything slowly.
Abhi gets flashes of his marriage with Pragya which is still blurred. He shouts Pragya……Pragya says I will check him, and hears him shouting her name. Aaliya says if Abhi called her. Tanu says no. Pragya runs to his room. Pragya, Dadi, Purab and others and make Abhi rest on bed. Abhi says he saw something which was blurred and then he fainted. Pragya asks him not to worry. Abhi asks her to be with him always. He faints again and takes her name. Purab says he got unconscious. Pragya asks him to call doctor.
Doctor checks him and says there is nothing to worry. Pragya sits at his side. Dadi asks Pragya if Abhi slept. Pragya says yes. Doctor tells Pragya that he wants to talk to her. Pragya asks him to say. Doctor says Abhi got a random attack, and got flashes of his past. He says even his BP got increased and requests them not to try and make him remember his past. Pragya says last time, when I showed you his reports, you said that we have to make him get back his memory. Tanu says so Pragya was trying, and we didn’t know. Doctor says I said, but we can’t predict how body will respond. Purab says his future and career are at stake, we have to do something. Dadi asks if there is no way. Doctor says Abhi’s life is more important than his memory and asks them not to try to make him remember. Pragya thanks him.
Tanu says Doctor dropped bomb on them. Aaliya says he gave happiness to us, now come and see the melodrama. Pragya cries. Dadi asks her not to lose hope. Pragya says my husband is getting married in few days time and I can’t tell him that I am his wife. She says today someone have snatched all my happiness, and last way is also closed. Tanu and Aaliya smirk happily. Pragya says I can stay away from him, but can’t see my kumkum on someone (Tanu) who is not good. Purab tells her that atleast she is having hope and Abhi is infront of her. He says Bulbul is not with me and then also I will fulfilling my love for her. He promises her that he will make Abhi realize his love for her and says then he will know who is his well wisher and who is not. Tanu gets angry at him. Aaliya follows her and asks what happened?
Tanu says whenever Purab says something, you turns deaf and dumb. She says he said that he will not let abhi marry me. Aaliya says Purab said, but he can’t do anything. Tanu blames him and asks Aaliya to stop him anyhow. She says don’t blame me if anything happens to Purab. I will not give him a chance and will marry Abhi. Aaliya asks what you are going to do with him and says I have feelings for him, I love him and says he is my obsession and love. She asks her not to do anything against Purab, as she will not leave the person harming him. Tanu thinks to kill Purab and says I can’t lose Abhi for your one sided love.
Abhi feels restless and also headache. He switches on TV and sees a couple marrying. He gets flashes of his marriage with Pragya and thinks if that girl was Pragya or her lookalike. He thinks if Pragya wants him to remember his past life with her. He is clueless.

The Episode starts with Pragya reminiscing Abhi and is worried. Sarla comes and says we are worried. She says Abhi and Tanu’s marriage is near. Pragya asks them not to worry and says Abhi has started feeling for her and try to make her know his feelings. She says this marriage will not reach to mandap. She says Purab have promised me that he will not let Abhi marry Tanu, and asks them to believe Purab and her. Beeji says we will forget this like a bad dream. Pragya hugs Sarla and Beeji and hopes Purab stops the marriage. Abhi likes the watch and thinks to give it to Purab on their friendship anniversary. He thinks why didn’t he come till now. He calls him. Purab picks his call and says I am going to bring gift for you. They reminisces becoming friends in childhood. Abhi asks him to come home and says I am in confusion. He says Tanu’s mum came to me and said that she wants haldi rasam to happen today.
Purab says I will not come until I get a perfect gift for you. He says I will be very happy when you makes Pragya as your wife and then your friend will be only me. Abhi wonders what is the gift? Purab thinks about Tanu and Aaliya. He steps down from his car. Nikhil thinks Tanu gave right info that he will come here. He thinks he will show enmity with him now. Purab calls the shop keeper and says he is near his shop. Nikhil calls the driver and asks him to hit Purab so that he dies instantly. Driver says okay. Nikhil says I am standing behind the tree, and will give you money after you do this work. Driver assures that work is done. Nikhil sees Purab taking his mobile out and thinks preplanned murder will look like an accident now. Purab’s mobile falls down on the road. He bends down to pick it, and sees truck coming towards him and jumps. He gets saved. Nikhil says he have to die.
Abhi thinks I have to know her feelings and thinks to ask Pragya if she loves him or not. Tanu comes to Abhi. Aaliya comes and says everyone is waiting for you, as Tanu’s mum kept haldi rasam downstairs. Abhi says marriage is after 6 days then why this rasam. Tanu says it is our tradition and asks him to follow. Tanu’s mum comes to Abhi’s room and asks him to get ready. Tanu’s mum says she is very happy, as they are getting married soon. Aaliya goes to see the arrangements. Purab comes to the shop and takes the gift. He likes the collage of Pragya and Abhi and says it is perfect. He says he wants to make his friend realize his feelings. Shopkeeper says he will.
Aaliya asks Mitali to make aarti thaali ready for Tanu and Abhi. Mitali says I know and is married also. Aaliya asks Dadi to get ready. Dadi says you are doing a sin and tells that Abhi is still married. Aaliya asks her to tell Abhi that he is married to Pragya and says nobody will stop you. Dadi says I would have told him but stopped due to risk. She asks her to fear God. Aaliya says I will fear when grown old and asks her to tell God to stop this rasam. Dadi looks at Pragya and is sad. Nikhil comes to the driver and asks what did I say? He says you make the dust fly in air, but not that man. He says you couldn’t see that he was on road and slaps him repeatedly. Driver says what wrong did I do? Nikhil says I would have hit him, and slaps him again and again. Driver asks for a chance. Nikhil asks him to leave.
Abhi thinks decision is mine, but I am not happy with this marriage and wants to run away. Taya ji and Raj comes. Abhi asks Raj where is he? Raj says I have to work hard to become big than you. Abhi says I will always be small than you. Aaliya calls Mitali and scolds her for not making thaali ready. Mitali says she will get it. Abhi looks for Pragya and Purab and wonders where are they? Pragya comes there and is upset. She gets worried thinking where is he? Abhi and Pragya ask each other if they know about Purab. Abhi says I am also searching him and asks if you have feelings for me which I have for you. Pragya asks what? Abhi says I mean we are searching Purab together. Tanu’s mum sees Abhi and Pragya together. Tanu thinks if Nikhil did her work or not.
Tanu’s mum asks Tanu to go to Abhi and not let Pragya talk to him. Abhi asks what is your work with him. Pragya asks about his work. Abhi asks her to call him. Tanu comes and asks him to come as her mum wants to talk to him. She thinks if Nikhil did work or not. Purab is happy seeing the collage and thinks it is the best gift of mine till now for him. He says Abhi will be very happy and can’t stop his heart from confessing love.

Aaliya asks Tanu’s mum to apply haldi on Abhi and says he is shy. Abhi looks at Pragya. Later Nikhil hits Purab with the truck and get happy seeing him falling down on the road.

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Dadi that Pragya is inside the bathroom. Dadi says Abhi is inside the bathroom and says I have spoken to him few mins back. Tanu says lets go and check who is inside. Dadi knocks on the bathroom’s door and asks Abhi, if he is still bathing. Abhi says yes. Tanu then asks Pragya if she is still inside. Abhi says it seems Dadi went and she came, asks Pragya to say yes.
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